19 Digital Product Ideas to Generate Passive Income

19 Digital Product Ideas to Generate Passive Income

Digital products are easy to make and affordable. You don’t need to maintain a physical inventory. It’s possible to create one digital product, and then sell it multiple times. This generates passive income that doesn’t depend on how many hours you work.

Are you looking for ways to grow your business and increase your revenue without having to be at work all day? Digital products may be the answer you are looking for.

There are many digital products that can help you start your own business, grow your business, or bring you extra income.

What is a Digital Product?

A digital product can be defined as one that is digitally created, sold and used. You can use the digital product online, on your smartphone, or in your web browser.

Selling digital products is a great way to earn passive income . There are many reasons for this.

It is easy to get started. It’s easy to start. There is no inventory to purchase upfront, no rental storefront, and no packages to ship. It is possible to use inexpensive and free tools to create a product. Often, the only investment you make is the fees for the platform that you use.

Digital products can be passive. Digital products are passive. Digital products allow you to sell and make money online at any hour of the day or night.

Digital products can be scaled. Your income is limited by the hours you work. You can increase your business exponentially by selling digital products without having to work more hours.

19 Digital Products That You Can Sell Online

There are many kinds of digital products, and each one is different in terms of how passive they can be. Some products can be set and forgotten, while others need to be maintained. The majority of them can be divided into three types:

  • You create the product once, and then you can sell it indefinitely. These products are typically less expensive, and your income may be limited.
  • Semi-passive The product is passive but you might have to market it or update it periodically. These digital products are expensive and offer greater income potential.
  • Sometimes active These products are usually subscription- or membership-based. Although income is more stable, you must maintain it at least once per month.

Combining these three streams of passive income is the best. There are many digital product ideas that you can use to build a portfolio of products that will fit your business and help increase your bottom line.

1. Ebooks

You can make passive income through eBooks if you enjoy writing. You can self-publish a collection of fiction novels on Amazon or a nonfiction title on Audible, make guided journals or coloring books, or sell digital books through your website .

Your eBook can be given away for free by offering a deal on a digital product or service that is more expensive to your readers. Russel Brunson offers his books for free, with the exception of shipping and handling. He teaches people how marketing funnels increase revenue.

2. Online courses

Online courses are becoming more popular than ever for training and learning skills. You can create an audio-, video-, or text-based course and upload it to a course aggregator such as Coursera or Udemy. You can also create a text, audio, or video-based course and post it on a course aggregator like Coursera or Udemy.

You think there is already a course that suits your skills? Do not be afraid to speak up. You might find people still interested in hearing what you have to share. There are many courses that teach freelance writing but each one has its own benefit. This is why someone would choose yours over one that’s already available.

You can turn any knowledge or skill into a course. Alec Steele offers blacksmithing courses online.

Many courses can be considered “evergreen,” which means that the content is always relevant and not tied to any particular date or time. Although these courses are usually passive, you can make more money by “launching” your course at certain times throughout the year. This limited-time deal gives people a sense o urgency, which can help increase sales.

3. Workshops

You can create a workshop if you don’t have time to create an eBook or a complete course. A webinar is a live or recorded workshop that you can sell once and then resell indefinitely. A webinar can be used as a lead magnet to sell a product or service that is more expensive.

Once the webinar is recorded, you don’t need to update it except to make changes to the information or content. Automated ads can be set up to drive more traffic to your workshop.

4. Tutorials and guides

You can make a living selling tutorials or short guides that show you how to do or learn something, from archery to zoology.

Tutorials can be compared to workshops because they teach only one skill, while courses that teach many are more complex. Tutorials and guides can be written, recorded, or a combination.

This tutorial is a passive product because most of the skills that you would write or record are static.

5. Site for members

A monthly subscription or membership site is a digital product members pay monthly for and get a new monthly content every month. Although it may sound like passive income, there are many ways to make your membership site passive.

You can make all your content in one go and then release a small amount each month. You can also create a course for students that they pay monthly and then release content every month for a set number of months.

A membership site can be built around digital product templates such as meal plans, video lessons, and workout routines. KetoConnect’s creators created a membership site that contains courses, eBooks and recipes. They also release one video per week to their members.

6. Printables

It’s a great way for passive income to sell worksheets, checklists and schedules. You can either sell your more complex printables individually or combine them into sets.

Printables are often low-cost products. You can easily make them free of charge using Canva. There is no limit to how many you can sell.

Printables are great because you can easily sell them on Etsy, and get the traffic from other sellers without having to create your own. WeCreatePrints sells only on Etsy. They have sold their printable wall art since 2019, and they have already sold close to 2,000.

7. Templates

You can also make passive income by designing templates for printables and Excel spreadsheets. Canva, Google Sheets, Slides or Slides allow you to create templates free of charge. You will also receive instructions on how to modify the template.

These can be sold on your website using software such as SendOwl or sites like Creative Market and Etsy.

8. Music for commercial use

Editors and videographers are always looking for royalty-free music or sound effects to use in YouTube videos, commercials and maybe even films. You can make passive income by licensing your music for commercial purposes if you are a musician.

You can only create one track and make it available for sale, but you will need to continue creating new music in order to attract repeat customers. Sites like HookSounds or Bensound allow you to sell royalty-free music, sound effects and other sounds.

9. Scripts

People often have trouble deciding what to say, whether they are negotiating for a raise in pay or writing their best man speeches. People can use premade scripts to help them say what they need to say, whether it’s in negotiations, speeches, sales calls or fundraising.

These scripts can be sold on websites like Fiverr and your own site. Chloe Elise, Deeper Than Money, makes $75,000 per month mostly passively. A bundle of scripts that allows you to negotiate lower prices for over 20 expenses is one of her digital products.

10. B-roll footage

B-roll refers to supplemental footage that is used in television and film productions. YouTube’s popularity means that you don’t need expensive cameras to earn passive income by selling B-roll. To create affordable B-roll, you can use an iPhone to record footage.

YouTube allows you to post videos with background music or commercial-use music. Once you satisfy YouTube’s monetization requirements, you’ll be able to earn passive income.

You can sell one shot of footage multiple times, but the best chance of scaling is when you have lots of B-roll. You’ll need to continue creating them until you have a large collection.

11. Mobile apps

1] A mobile app could be the right digital product for your business. In-app ads, affiliate links or charging users for the app can all help you make money.

You can either use BuildFire to create your app or one of their templates. No coding knowledge is required. To keep your app running and encourage people to return, you’ll need to update it and add new features. Other than that, a mobile app can be passive.

Budget Bytes blogger Beth Moncel created a mobile application that allows users to access all her recipes for just $2.99

12. Extension or plugin

You probably have plugins installed on your website. You may be familiar with plugins if you are using Google Chrome. While many are free, you can charge for more specialized extensions and plugins.

Chrome extensions or WordPress plugins that make use of an algorithm to accomplish a difficult task quickly and efficiently can be very lucrative. Spencer Haws earned over $4,000 selling a Chrome extension that combined Amazon textbooks with WordPress plugins.

You’ll need to update the extension or plugin regularly, just like you would with a mobile app. Other than that, it will make passive income.

13. Photography

Stock photos are used by businesses on their websites, social media channels, advertising and YouTube channels. Stock photo sites allow you to sell your photos or create your own subscription service. To sell photos, you don’t necessarily need expensive equipment. Your smartphone camera is sufficient.

Individual photos can be sold on sites such as Shutterstock and Adobe Stock, or you can create your own. To get the best out of this digital product industry, you will need to maintain your portfolio on your own website.

14. Animations and vectors

Stock photography is still the most popular option for websites, but more website owners and bloggers are choosing vectors and animations to make their sites stand out. You can design vector images and animations. These can be sold on the same sites as stock photography, or you can make your own subscription service. Canva and Adobe Illustrator are great programs for creating images.

You can either create a collection of images to sell passively or you can update your offerings regularly. There are also some marketing strategies that will convince businesses to choose vectors and animations instead of stock photography.

15. Website theme

Many website and blog owners prefer to create their websites using premium themes. This is because it is cheaper than hiring a web designer. You can make passive income selling premium WordPress, Wix and Squarespace themes to small business owners through your website or on a marketplace such as ThemeForest.

While building premium themes for websites is a passive task, it’s important to make sure they function properly.

16. Fonts

Calligraphy and hand-lettering artists can transform their handwriting into fonts that they can sell to event planners, brides, and business owners to use on flyers, invitations, or menus. It’s easy to create fonts in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and then sell them on sites such as Creative Market and MyFonts.

17. Blueprints

You can passively make money selling blueprints for your home projects if you are a handyman with a tape measure or have construction experience. You can make multiple designs for treehouses, pergolas and chicken coops.

A PDF download of blueprints can be a great way to make passive income in a business that is usually service-based. Although you will need software to create the blueprints you can quickly make a profit by selling the plans that you have created.

18. Presets

Although visual content dominates social media, its creators don’t have to be all photographers or videographers. Presets allow you to get the edited look that you desire by placing your sliders in a predetermined place.

Lightroom, Photoshop and other apps have presets that can be used to create stunning images quickly.

A preset can be created once and sold directly from your website via an e-commerce platform such as WooCommerce or Shopify. You don’t need to update presets as they are flexible and can be used throughout the year. However, you might want to promote them on social media.

19. Planners

Planners are useful for people who want to plan their finances, meals, workouts, goals, and other activities. Print-on-demand websites like Lulu and CreateSpace allow you to sell printed PDFs or physical planners. You may also be able to sell them from your own shop. Sarah Titus, a blogger, has sold planner pages and other printables online for more than $10 million.

Undated planners can be used for automated advertising as well as passive marketing. For a semi-passive income, you can sell dated planners or a subscription to new planners each month.

Digital items never go out of stock

Digital products are a cost-effective way to generate passive income. You don’t have to worry about inventory, storage or shipping costs. Your products can be sold to anyone, anywhere at any time of the day.

To help you scale your business and increase sales, make digital products around a service that you offer.

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