Many consider making money YouTube their dream. YouTubers seem to enjoy a wonderful life with the support of their fans. It’s easy to start a YouTube channel.

Although creating a YouTube channel may seem easy, it’s not as simple to turn it into a money machine. Although you may make your first hundred dollars selling products or landing sponsorship deals, maximizing your earnings requires that you understand all of your options before diving in.

This article will help you learn all the information you need to make money with YouTube. You’ll learn how to make money on YouTube and be able grow your business using one of the largest Internet platforms.

YouTube: Can you make money?

The short answer to this question is yes. It is a popular activity that thousands of people do. Not all of them have millions. YouTube is not just about numbers. Your earning potential depends on your niche, how much engagement you get, and what revenue streams you tap into. However, views and subscribers are important. 

Are You Paid to Upload Videos on YouTube?

YouTube does not pay creators to upload videos to YouTube. The videos can’t be monetized automatically. To start making money on YouTube, you must enable monetization in your account settings. YouTube offers two options: you can join its Partner Program and have your videos featured in YouTube Premium. (More later).

Making Money from YouTube

You may have been searching for new ways of earning income. There are many ways to make money on YouTube. Most of them revolve around creating engaging video content. Here are some popular YouTube income streams:

1. Get involved in the YouTube Partner Program

YouTube partner program is essential if you want to make YouTube money. YouTube content creators will not be able to monetize their videos until they have been accepted into the YouTube partnership program.

Your YouTube channel will be considered for the Partner program once it has 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 views. You won’t be able generate any revenue until your YouTube channel reaches these numbers. It’s important to keep creating content and expanding your reach. Once you have met the requirements, you can apply for monetization.

YouTube monetization:

Log in to your YouTube account to start monetizing.

Click the account icon at the top-right corner. Next, click YouTube Studio.

Choose Other Features Monetization from the left-hand navigation.

Read the Partner Program Terms, and then click “Agree”.

Connect an existing AdSense Account or Create a New One For Your Channel.

Define your monetization preferences.

Once you have completed these steps, return to the dashboard and click the Analytics tab. Scroll down to see the Monthly Estimated Revenue chart. This chart will give you an indication of your monthly revenue forecast. .

How many YouTube views are required to make money?

Your YouTube earnings are not related to the number of views you get for your videos. You won’t make any money if you have thousands of views but no one clicks on your ads or consumes your content.

YouTube has a set of criteria to pay publishers who run ads on the channel. To earn money, a viewer must click on the ad or view it in its entirety.

However, YouTubers can now make money from YouTube without being dependent on advertising. YouTube Premium is a program that helps you make money online without the need for ad clicks.

2. Get featured on YouTube Premium

What are the best ways to make money with YouTube, other than running ads on channels? YouTube Premium has the answer.

YouTube Premium is a paid membership that allows people to view ad-free videos. YouTube Premium members will automatically earn a second income stream by watching creators’ videos.

YouTube monetization rules for advertising-based revenues will dictate that most of the revenue from Premium membership fees will be distributed to creators. The total revenue distribution is determined by how many Premium members view your content.

Premium members can also download and view your videos offline, and you can play them in the background. This adds to your viewing time.

3. Offer Channel Memberships

You can make additional income streams by offering channel memberships to YouTube channels that have more than 30,000 subscribers. Fans pay $4.99 per month for a package that includes exclusive emojis and members-only chat as well as early access to videos. Through special badges that are only available to members, members will be highlighted in comments and live chat.

It makes sense to offer subscribers to channels, as people are aware of how difficult it can be to attract YouTube creators. You’ll now have another way to make money with YouTube.

Tip:Use videos to remind people they can join your exclusive member program by clicking the “Join Now” button on your webpage.

4. Advertise Affiliate Products in Your Videos

YouTube channels that have a large audience are a great resource for businesses. They’re constantly looking to expand their business.

After you have built a large following on the platform you will likely be approached by businesses asking you to promote their products for cash. These brands may consider you as an affiliate and include product placements in your videos. To expand your affiliate network, you can sign up for most popular affiliate programs.

Advertising can be a great way of generating additional revenue. However, viewers will be aware that something is being advertised.

Tip: Promote products you believe will be of value to your audience and let your viewers know about the partnership. This will help you adhere to YouTube’s policies.

5. Super Chat – Monetize Live Streams

Super Chat is a new and popular way to make money on YouTube. This feature allows your audience to buy chat messages that standout and in some cases, pin them at the top of the comments section on a live stream. Super Chat can be used to monetize your YouTube stream when you are live.

Super Chat’s YouTube monetization rates range from $1 to $500 and the company takes 30% of the revenue. If you are looking for ways to make money with YouTube Super Chat, organize and promote live streams.

You can promote them in videos and on other social media platforms as well as wherever else your audience is likely to be found.

6. Be a YouTube Influencer

You, as a creator, have a huge opportunity to be a part of the influencer market.

But where should you begin? YouTube marketing expert and influencer Brendan Gahan suggests that creators establish a flat-fee by multiplying the number of views they receive by 15 cents per viewer.

WebFX, a digital marketing agency, has provided the following information about how much YouTube influencers could expect to make:

  • Video for creators with more than a million subscribers: $20,000
  • Video for creators with 100,000 subscribers: $2,000
  • $200 for a creator who has 10,000 subscribers

Partnering with brands that offer valuable products is key to increasing your earnings.

These influencer markets can help potential partners find you.

  • Channel Pages Partner with brands and other YouTubers
  • Grapevine Logic – You only need 1,000 followers to join

While some influencer marketing platforms can connect you with large brands that are willing to pay high prices, others will give you products for free. You should be open to the opportunities that suit you best.

7. Get more customers to your products

You don’t have to be an ecommerce entrepreneur to promote your products. It’s possible to promote your products in both your videos as well as your descriptions. This is a great way to increase traffic to your website .

Shopify can help you create your store if you don’t have one. Once your store is up and running you can sell any products you want to promote to your viewers. This is an excellent opportunity to make money on YouTube.

How to make money from YouTube videos

These are some great tips to help you make YouTube videos and make money.

1. Video clips should be at least 10 minutes long

YouTube videos that last longer than 10 minutes have a better chance of earning more money via ad revenue. YouTube videos with a longer duration than 10 minutes are more likely to be viewed, which will increase the amount of ad revenues that they generate. Videos with a longer average watch time will be higher in YouTube’s search results. This means that users are more likely to view your content.

2. Collaboration with other YouTubers

collaboration is one way to make money with YouTube videos. This is a great way to increase your YouTube presence, create unique content, and expose your content to a wider audience. Find YouTubers in your niche that are active and contact them with a great idea for a video. They’ll be more than happy to collaborate.

3. Make engaging and informative content

This is crucial for your YouTube channel’s success. YouTube users are constantly looking for videos that entertain or provide value. If you provide quality video content to your audience, they will be more likely to view the entire video and return for more. Tip: Check YouTube analytics which demographic is most interested in your videos. This will help you decide what content you should create. If you discover that your videos are more liked by Gen Z, you might consider using some of their favorite slang terms in your videos.

4. Get the most out of your descriptions

Another valuable way to make money with YouTube videos is through descriptions. These descriptions help users find your content and decide if they want to view it or not. Follow the journalistic writing style of putting the most important things first and then moving on to the more obscure. Try explaining the benefits viewers will get by watching the whole video, and then try to mention a few of their problems (pain points are what gets people to click). Finally, make sure you use language your audience can understand and relate to.

5. You can build your following with consistent posting

It’s a good idea to regularly post content when you have a YouTube channel. Your viewers will be more engaged if you keep them updated with new content. They’ll also be more aware of your online presence and any properties associated with it, such as your ecommerce company.

YouTube: How to make money without making videos

Re-using other people’s content is the only way to make YouTube money. YouTube has a collection of videos that are licensed under the Creative Commons license.

You can make money by republishing videos from other people with some forms of the license. If you find a video published under the CC BY license, you can make modifications to it or use it as is.

How to get paid on YouTube

YouTube can be used to pay you. According to my knowledge, there are a few things you will need to do to get paid by the company.

First, create a Google AdSense Account using your Gmail ID. Next, choose your payment method: wire transfer, Western Union Quick cash, EFT (electronic money transfer), SEPA(Single Euro Payments area) and checks.

You may need to provide your tax information depending on where you live. After AdSense has been set up, you will be able to request payment once you have reached the minimum payment threshold. Here is a Google table that shows the threshold value for each currency.

Google will not issue payments below the thresholds. You won’t be allowed to select a form until your earnings reach the specified amount in your local currency.

How to make money on YouTube despite the competition

Remember that YouTube is not a competition for your traffic or revenue. You will also find full-time YouTubers competing for your attention.

This is a crucial point to remember when creating content for your channel. Make your video thumbnails and title appealing to make you stand out from the rest. YouTube is a visual-oriented platform. This will allow you to attract more viewers to your videos.

Your success can also depend on the audio and video quality of your content. Your video content must be professional and positive.

YouTube SEO can help you beat your competition. You can generate organic traffic to your YouTube channel by creating SEO content for video descriptions. You can find a YouTube SEO guide here.

Common Questions about Making Money on YouTube

How do you make money on YouTube?

Once you are accepted into the Partner Program, your YouTube account can be monetized. You can also try to land sponsorships from brands who pay creators for good content. You can make money with YouTube if you have an ecommerce shop. All you need to do is create an account and promote your products through the platform. Make sure you let everyone know that your channel will be featuring your products and linking to them.

How many YouTube subscribers are you required to make money?

To apply for the YouTube Partner Program you must have at least 1,000 subscribers. This allows you to monetize and make money from ads.

How many YouTube videos do I need for $100?

YouTube can make you a lot of money depending on many factors. YouTube creators are paid per click on banner ads and in-video videos. You could receive 10,000 or 10,000 views, and earn $100. It all depends on the relevancy of your ads to your audience, and whether they click on them or not.

What is the value of 1 million YouTube views?

Business Insider’s earnings data shows that a video creator who has 1,000,000 views on YouTube will make between $3,400-$49,000 according to Business Insider.


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