EazyFlipBook Review, Bonuses, Demo

EazyFlipBook  Review, Bonuses, Demo


EazyFlipBook is a brand new app that AUTO creates fully-functional FLIPBOOKS in a flash. You can sell & keep 100% of the profits…

Isn’t “READING” Dead? The answer is a big “NO”. It has evolved over the years. Books In 500 AD (Handwritten). This was the time when books were copied manually, which required a lot of effort. The biggest disadvantage: Books were frequently lost due to wars or natural disasters. Books till 2007 (Printed): The printing press revolutionized the way books were reproduced. It was easy to visit a library to find a book that suits your tastes and preferences. The biggest danger: They are bulky. It was difficult to carry them around.

Books from 2007 to 2021 (Digital). A few years ago, another revolution occurred. Their reading habits have been radically changed by the internet, tablets, smartphones and e-reading apps. BIGGEST DISADVANTAGE – Boring. Bland. Bland. A new trend is emerging. Their proprietary artificial intelligence allows you to AUTO-Create fully-functional FLIPBOOKS in a flash that you can sell and keep 100% of the profits.

Flipbooks are loved by marketers and business owners. Flipbooks work on all devices. Flipbooks can be shared easily. Flipbooks are easy to share. There is no upload or downloading time. Flipbooks are equipped with security features. You can decide who can see, share, and download your digital publication. You can use flipbooks to gather valuable marketing statistics. Get valuable data about your readers, such as how they came across your flipbook, who they are, what device they use, and other details.

However, we must accept the truth that creating a stunning flipbook is a difficult task. You need to spend weeks writing the content and purchase expensive design tools to transform your boring PDF or eBook into a FlipBook. Videos are required to show you how to insert videos and links. Inside your FlipBooks. FlipBooks on platforms like Fiverr will cost you $450 to $650. Introducing EazyFlipBook.

To start your own FlipBooks business, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

  • Step 1: Login To EazyFlipBook & create STUNNING FlipBooks
  • Step 2: Create FlipBooks from 2000+ Images in 50 Niches.
  • Step 3: The app instantly creates a fully-functional FlipBook in seconds that you can share or embed anywhere. Your EazyFlipBook affiliate link can be added to our FlipBooks so that you receive instant payment.

EazyFlipBook is a fun and interactive way to interact with your readers, unlike static PDFs. Videos, photos slideshows, images, links and embed Google maps are all possible. Your digital flipbooks can have a 3D flipping effect, giving readers the feeling of flipping through the book. These animated flipbooks will help you impress clients, sell more, and make your business stand out. The best part is that you can easily sell these flipbooks to your clients for as low as $450 – $650 with the Commercial License. Grab It Now.

9.5Expert Score

EazyFlipBook is A Brand New Ground-Breaking Software Creates Fully-Functional FLIPBOOKS In A Flash That You Can Sell & Keep 100% Profits. 2000+ FlipBooks In 50 Niches Pre-Loaded To Get YOU Started Instantly So You Can Sell or giveaway To clients for leads or profits. It Is PERFECT For Everyone who owns a business, service or is a marketer. Everyone who wants to thrive in this new-age digital world. Everyone who would like to engage their audience with fun & interactive content. Everyone who would like to grow their business hands-free.

Easy To Use


  • You can instantly convert boring PDFs, images, and text into stunning FlipBooks. Your FlipBook will be automatically designed with the best-quality designs. Your flipbooks are beautifully designed and fully mobile-responsive. Your FlipBooks will allow your visitors to engage with, and even purchase from them on their mobile devices.
  • You can customize your flipbook to fit your needs 100%. You can edit the flipbook name, description, logo, and background. It’s easy to do everything with a single click.
  • Built-In 500+ DFY content sources + Pre-Loaded 2000 FlipBooks in 50 Niches: Use EazyFlipBook for creating content for your FlipBooks. To get custom content, simply choose from the 500+ DFY Content sources OR enter your keyword. OR Get started immediately with 2000 FlipBooks in 50 Niches Pre-Loaded. The best part? You can also add your own content.
  • 1-Click Embed/Share your FlipBook Anywhere: With just one click, embed your flipbook on websites and landing pages. Send the FlipBook link via email or social media.
  • Deep FlipBook Analytics: Find out how many people are flipping through your FlipBooks and to what page. They have you covered. FlipBook Analytics is available on the dashboard. You can view views, share, and much more.
  • Hosting and Domain included at no additional cost: Hosting and Domain are included for absolutely nothing so that you can get started today, tomorrow, or forever.
  • 24-Hour PREMIUM Support: Have questions? They can help you with any questions. They are available 24 hours a day!
  • They have designed their online training and tutorials keeping in mind your requirements. You will find articles, videos and FAQs to help you get started quickly and solve any problems.


  • Intelligent tech: 1-click app creates your flipbooks for you, hands-free.
  • Automated content: Choose from over 500+ dfy content resources or enter your keyword for custom content.
  • 30 Reseller License: Profit instantly by selling EazyFlipBooks directly to your customers. You keep 100% of the profits
  • Stunning FlipBooks in Just 1 Click: Use click-crazy UI & UX for free traffic to capture your audience everywhere.
  • Push-Button Load High-Quality Content. Save time and effort with 100% publishing and adding content automatically.
  • Flipbooks can be customized 100%: Flipbooks allow you to be as creative and flexible as you like.

EAZYFLIPBOOK Frequently Asked Questions

  • EazyFlipBook is a cloud-based program. They are 100% cloud-based and highly reliable. EazyFlipBook can be accessed from any location. You can start making huge profits by selling high-converting FlipBooks. Select the device you prefer (MAC, Windows or Mobile) to get started.
  • It is a very popular tool for marketers. It is, and you’ll be amazed at the number of marketers who love it. You can scroll up to see their feedback.
  • Is there a monthly fee for access? NO, not right now. After this offer expires, users will be required to pay a monthly subscription fee in order to access EazyFlipBook. Currently, they can only get it at a one-time cost.
  • Is there a minimum amount of experience or skills needed to use EazyFlipBook FlipBooks are not required to be a skilled marketer or technical expert. It’s 100% beginner-friendly. The automated software handles everything. Profit!
  • Training and support are included? Yes. You can access the step-by-step training materials when you purchase EazyFlipBook today. For any questions you might have, their technical experts are available 24X7.

EazyFlipBookDemo Video


EazyFlipBook Bonuses


Bonus #1

The Lost Code


Bonus #2

The Fuego Multiplier


Bonus #3

The Secret Weapon


Bonus #4

Fuego Breakout


Bonus #5

Urgency Suites Pro


Bonus #6

How To Write Headlines that Sell

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