How and what to sell on Amazon KDP: a manual for Amazon vendors

How and what to sell on Amazon KDP: a manual for Amazon vendors

Selling digital products can be a simple, inexpensive, and quick way to generate passive revenue through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Authors and online sellers who now sell tangible goods on Amazon can both benefit from selling options offered by Amazon KDP. A diversified product portfolio reduces risk and offers choices in the event of unforeseen circumstances, particularly those involving international supply chains.

This article will teach you about:

How to Increase Sales on Amazon Using KDP
Top sellers on Amazon KDP
KDP Select, choosing lucrative niches, marketing goods, selling low-content books, and more.


Kindle Direct Publishing (KPD) on Amazon: What is it?

Using the self-publishing platform Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KPD), you can publish ebooks, low-content books, paperbacks, and hardcover books for free. You get complete rights to your book when you publish with Amazon KDP, and you can increase its global availability.

You can engage qualified freelancers to write material for you if you’re not an author yourself or don’t have the time. Additionally, you can experiment with writing with the aid of AI tools like ChatGPT.

However, your primary responsibility will be to determine what will sell on Amazon and increase revenue by making your digital products and listings more optimized.

Which of the following is the main benefit of selling goods on Amazon KDP? You don’t need to worry about stock levels or shipping tangible things to increase your e-commerce sales. This is especially crucial in the event of lockdowns and pandemics.

What content is available on Amazon KDP?
Content types that you can publish with Amazon KDP include:

Planners and journals
Children’s Literature
Coloring Pages
Comic Books
Collection of Books.

The production of magazines, periodicals, or spiral-bound books is prohibited by KDP.

Lastly, you can use a single account to sell both print books and digital. A supplier using KDP Print will only print books in response to orders. You must upload perfectly formatted print files—which are distinct from ebook formats—in order to use this print-on-demand (POD) service.

* The statistics, recommendations, and information in this article are only intended for general informational purposes and do not replace professional advice.

What is the price of publishing on Amazon KDP?
It’s free to publish on Amazon KDP. There is no shipping or any hidden expenses, and there is no fee to upload the file.

Authors receive royalties ranging from 35% to 70% of the sale price (Amazon gives you 70% and keeps 30% for pricing between $2.99 and $9.99; you receive 35% for other prices).

Top sellers on Amazon KDP
With Amazon KDP, what can you sell? The following Amazon KDP niches may have significant sales potential.

Frontline workers’ specialized

a recently developed market that has seen significant growth since the pandemic. Those in the medical field, education, the postal service, public transportation, retail, and nursing are examples of front-line workers.

Small business/entrepreneurship specialization

Owners of small businesses are concerned with maintaining their own motivation, discipline, and organization. By concentrating on a specific business type, such as a hair salon, event planner, tech start-up, etc., you can narrow down your specialization.


Regarding seasonal events, for example, it provides a great deal of sales potential. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Hanukkah.

Specialization in personal development

This specialty has the potential to improve people’s lives. But since it’s crowded, it’s critical to focus.

gaming specialty

Selling video games is common, and gaming is a big specialty. Avoid using designs that are copyright protected, nevertheless.


Many sports are available, including table tennis, gymnastics, figure skating, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, cricket, and winter sports. Remember, nevertheless, that there are saturated sports niches.

A warning. Designs created for certain sports teams or sportsmen are prohibited due to copyright protection.

Food, baking, and cooking specialization

During the epidemic, baking—especially bread-making—became more popular.

creating a specialty

During the epidemic, crafting became more and more popular. Knitting, crocheting, quilting, beadwork, woodworking, painting, and origami are a few examples of craft specializations.

niche for nature enthusiasts

This includes those who are passionate about the environment, plants, hiking, or the outdoors. Plants, trees, cactus, mountains, camping, hiking, eco-friendly, wild creatures, and gardening are a few sub-niches.

Floral nook

Take a broad or specific floral niche, such as lilies, sunflowers, daisies, chrysanthemums, carnations, roses, or tulips.

Niche for graduation

You can concentrate on grads in general or on graduates in particular, such as those from elementary, high school, post-secondary, etc.

typographic specialty

Books featuring motivational phrases, quotes, monograms, single words, and so forth can be designed. Quotations and sayings must either be in the public domain or be properly licensed before you can use them. Be cautious regarding copyrights as usual.

niche for travelers

In this area, the ideas are infinite. You may create designs for each and every continent, nation, state, and city. It could be about taking a road trip, traveling by train, boat, or airplane, going alone, going with friends, etc.

Return to school niche

You can aim at a particular age group, grade, etc.

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specialty in music

If you are targeting artists, you can filter it by instrument, by music lovers/listeners, or by targeting a particular genre of music, such as pop, rock, metal, punk, EDM, country, or rock.

A warning. In this category, be wary of copyrighted bands or lyrics. Make sure anything you create is legal and free from copyright violations.


You can (provided copyright laws permit it) use motivational and/or thought-provoking quotes.

Spirituality and mysticism niche

Tarot, crystals, archangels, reiki, meditation, and so forth are examples of this.

Vegan/vegetarian specialty

You can take into account the rationale for people’s plant-based diets while selecting this specialty. For instance, environmental, animal rights, or health-related considerations.

LGBT/Pride/Queer Positive Niche

Despite the fact that this market is crowded, there are plenty of ways to be different and stand out.

Sci-fi and fantasy specialty

This is where you may get carried away—fairies, elves, dragons, castles, magic, aliens, and much more!


Books with minimal content examples
journals, notepads, balance sheet notebooks, squared paper notebooks, memo books, and other planner types.
Doing enough topic and keyword research is crucial when selling low-quality content—or any content—on Amazon KDP. Use a chosen keyword tool to conduct a comprehensive numerical keyword analysis.

Furthermore, search for term suggestions in:

The search bar on Amazon (predictive results show terms that are often searched)
Listings of the top sellers on the Kindle Store
parts that read “Customers Who Bought This Also Bought.”
Up to seven keywords or keyword combinations can be used to determine how your book will appear. Anytime you like, you can modify your keywords.

The following keywords can be used to describe notebooks: log book, memo book, diary, journal, pad, binder, daybook, and workbook.

How to choose a lucrative topic on Amazon KDP to boost sales
Selecting a lucrative niche on Amazon KDP begins with selecting your category by selecting “Kindle eBooks” or “Kindle Short Reads.”

“Kindle eBooks” are sufficient for research purposes and are an excellent way to gain a broad impression of the size of the market.
The “Kindle Short Reads” feature is useful for identifying best-selling books under a specific length.
Amazon best sellers on the Amazon Marketplace (KDP)

The projected sales volume of your book title cannot be estimated by software. However, you may still use Amazon’s real-world data to get a more precise approximation.

Publisher Rocket is another tool that can assist you in selecting the ideal niches for Kindle publications.

Choose a niche that interests you and has a sizable following.

List a variety of topics related to your chosen specialization. You can expand your collection of book titles by adding a few titles in the same area.

For instance, here are some ideas for writing about pets:

How to converse with your animal companion
How to keep your home tidy while you have a pet
Children’s relationships with pets
strengthening your relationship with your pet.
Best Seller Ranking (BSR) on Amazon
You can get a better understanding of whether your chosen niche or category has any potential of selling many copies by looking at the Amazon Best Seller Rankings (BSR).

Check out the Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) of a few of the best-selling books in your niche to get an idea of how well books are selling in the genre you’ve selected.

A few ballpark figures:

A book with a BSR of 5,000 on the Kindle store is most likely selling 20–40 copies every day.
BSR 10,000 or more indicates that it probably sells fewer than ten copies every day.
A lower ranking indicates higher sales of the book. The Amazon BSR of the top sellers in the category you’ve selected should be at least 10,000, if not less than 5,000.

Criteria for evaluating a niche
Navigate to, choose the Kindle Store, and conduct a keyword search.

Five or six books that satisfy every one of the following requirements ought to appear on the first page of the search results:

a 100,000 BSR or less (less than 100,000, but not more than 10,000).
Priced between $0.99 and $3.99 (books that fall inside that range are probably your real rivals).
Books that have been available for purchase for at least two months (because Amazon gives new books a “boost”).
Books with 100 reviews or fewer apiece (you may be in too much competition if other books have 200–300 reviews and you don’t).
Seek out niches where the top 5–6 books (with prices ranging from $0.99 to $3.99 and more than two months on the market) have less than 100,000 book sales.

In what ways may the KDP Select Program boost your sales on Amazon?
Publishers may increase revenue and reach a larger audience for free with the KDP Select program. This initiative is open to all publishers, no matter where they are located.

One catch exists. When you sign up for Kindle Select, the digital version of your book must be available only on Amazon for the length of the program.

Through the KDP Select program, vendors can access:

Amazon’s subscription-based service, Kindle Unlimited, is like Netflix for books.
Kindle Free Promotions: to increase downloads, offer your book for free five times every ninety days.
Countdown Deals in the Kindle Store: You can promote your book in the Countdown Deals section of the Kindle store by holding a price drop for a week.
When you don’t have an audience, KDP Select can be helpful. You can obtain evaluations from confirmed buyers by using this tool to list your book for free for the first five days. A confirmed purchaser is someone who downloads your book in their free time.

E-commerce advice
Aim for a minimum of 10–20 reviews throughout the complimentary time. Because it’s free, now is the best moment to ask for feedback. In the back of your book, include a link inviting readers to write a review.
How can you use Amazon KDP to advertise your digital goods?
To develop your author brand and market your digital goods on Amazon KDP:

Make a website as an author to advertise your books. Create a URL forward that points visitors to your Amazon author page in the interim.
Create a private Facebook group and set up an author page on Facebook to share some of your best content and insider knowledge.
Hold a Goodreads book giveaway.
Compose guest blogs and blog entries about your books. Encourage backlinks to your author page on Amazon or your website.
Think about the AMS Advertisement Course for Authors and Amazon Advertising.
Provide free content for your book, such as a checklist, audiobook, or small ebook, and offer it for free.
When multiple books of yours are published, compile them into an electronic bundle.
Furthermore, think about sending your ebooks to blogs and communities that are pertinent to them. Facebook groups promoting complimentary books:

Lastly, you may use your Kindle books to gather emails and generate leads. In order to get readers to click on the link, visit your opt-in page, and provide you with their email address, you might include a free offer in the beginning of your book.

Enhance your Amazon KDP listings by adding descriptions and titles
Your ebook descriptions and titles have the power to either drive or discourage purchases. Additionally, they will assist you in improving your Amazon product listings.

The most pertinent keywords should be used in ebook names that are distinctive, memorable, and snappy. Make it apparent to the reader what the book will teach them. Using subtitles will make your point more understandable. Subtitles can also improve the title’s appeal by, for example, enhancing the achievable nature of your promise.

Examples of top-selling titles and subtitles include:

Steve Scott’s book “Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take 5 Minutes or Less”
Dave Ramsey’s book “Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness”
Verify the strategies that your rivals are using to strengthen your own concepts.

Your book description, which can be up to 4000 characters long, should provide a more detailed overview of your work. Emphasize the advantages that readers of your book can anticipate. Add a call to action to boost the number of conversions.

Making a printed copy of your book available on Amazon
It goes without saying that selling your ebook in paper form will increase sales. However, there’s more.

The price gap between your Kindle edition and the print version may make the Kindle version appear more affordable.

People’s perceptions of the book’s value are raised when they see that the paper version costs $8.99. They consider it an excellent value if they can purchase the Kindle version for just $4.

Increase sales by making your Kindle price appear extremely attractive!

Continue to test and fine-tune the price for the print and Kindle versions. Think about progressively raising your price.

Selling with Amazon KDP: summary
One e-commerce platform that provides a lot of chances to make online sales is Amazon.

Not just for authors, Amazon KDP can be a source of additional income and passive income. For marketplace vendors that are already making physical goods sales and are thinking about expanding their online business to include digital goods, it can also be profitable.

Another source of money that offers alternatives is Amazon KDP. This is crucial in the event of unforeseen worldwide catastrophes that can affect supply chains and physical product sales.

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