Laugh & Bank Review, Bonuses, Demo

Laugh & Bank Review, Bonuses, Demo


Laugh & Bank app is a web-based app that allows users to make fun of YouTube videos and earn money by rating them and sharing them.

It’s 2022 and you have to be having fun making money online. They live in an age of autonomous cars, artificial intelligence, robots that can do back flips, and self-driving cars. Thanks to the same technology. They also live in a world that has many people making $1000 per day online. There is no traffic generation or selling, NO video creation, NO social media; No product creation, NO website or email list, and finally, there is no online business.

Let’s face facts. Only the most determined of people can make it work and actually do something that is enjoyable to make their own money. Boredom is a killer motivator. If you are faced with endless online tasks like this, the odds of you succeeding are stacked against you. This app is completely different. It’s also the best income-generating app that they have ever released. It’s called Laugh & Banking App.


Start laughing all the way to the Bank L&B logo. People from all over the world are flooding in – Anyone can do this! ):

  • Step 1: They crack open The Laugh & Bank app (Grab your copy before the 60-minute price-jump!)
  • Step 2: They have fun rating and sharing videos & jokes (just 1 joke or video link daily is MONEY!)
  • Step 3: Then, they relax and collect daily commissions on Autopilot for every 1-Click “Funny Rating” they get. How many funny ratings will your favourite jokes and videos get?

Laugh & Bank app has nothing to do about sharing jokes and videos on Facebook or using social media to make more money. They simply share jokes and youtube links within the app. It’s free for everyone. One joke or video clip per day, shared within l&b = cash. You must be sick of all the apps that revolve around social networks. (…they don’t work! It doesn’t matter if you have never sold online. You are still perfect for Laugh & Banking App and it is still perfect. Grab it Now.

9.4Expert Score

Picture this: You submit a joke or funny YouTube video Direct to the app. And before you know it you're getting PAID every single time other Laugh & Bank App users click to "laugh" at your jokes. This is guaranteed to become the funnest, easiest money you've ever made online and the best part? You'll be making money online, but without an "online business" cuz there's zero traffic, zero social media, zero email marketing, zero hosting, and zero selling. There's none of what's likely been stopping you from supplementing a huge income online. Just log in to Laugh & Bank App, submit a joke, and you're 100% guaranteed to make commissions.

Easy To Use


  • L&B finally offers a way to have fun and bank big online without having to start an “online business”.
  • They Laugh and Bank Up to $320+ A Pop Every Time the “Money Bell Rings.”
  • They have a blast while supplementing a $10K+ weekly income.
  • You can get guaranteed cash payouts if you share just one joke or funny video link daily.
  • They get 1000’s of ratings on the funny stuff they share, and they have a hand-free income.
  • They collect both instant and passive/residual commissions
  • They collect REAL Autopilot Commissions while they are away from the App.
  • You don’t need to sell, promote, or traffic.
  • You don’t need to set up.
  • You don’t need social media.
  • This is enough for 7 to 70-year-olds with ZERO experience.


  • What makes Laugh & Bank app unique? A1. There are so many things! Here are just a few. The majority of apps you have purchased are generic copies or private label software. This is why they don’t work as promised. My company and their team created the Laugh & Bank App from scratch. It took months and thousands of dollars to create. A2. A2. Virtually all apps that you have purchased are “online business” apps. These apps require traffic, software installation, connecting and building social media, web hosting services, domains, training, and many other requirements. L&B is not an online business, but an income app. It is easy enough to use for 7-year-olds. Log in and rate funny videos or jokes, then make unlimited cash.
  • What is the setup time? A. A.
  • Are these really as simple as they seem? A. 100%. Check out the LIVE demo. It’s that simple. They’ll even show you how it works before you buy.
  • What traffic do I need? A. None at all. Laugh & Bank App has zero traffic.
  • Is this compatible with my device? A. A. Yes, L&B works on all devices with an Internet connection.
  • Is this possible in my country? A. Absolutely. L&B works worldwide.
  • What are the best ways to get paid? A. A.

Laugh & Bank  Video

Laugh & Bank 


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The Secret Weapon


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Fuego Breakout


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Urgency Suites Pro


Bonus #6

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