ProfitDomain Review, Bonuses, Demo

ProfitDomain Review, Bonuses, Demo


ProfitDomain, a brand new “GoDaddy Killer”, software lets you start your own domain registrar. Register domains for yourself and then sell them to others!

There are currently over 350 million active domain subscriptions. Brandable domain names can fetch anywhere from $4375 to $27,888 per annum. This is the real kicker… More than 350M people pay $20/year every year and there are tons of down sides. Imagine offering them a lower initial registration fee than your competitors and rock-bottom renewal fees that will pay you yearly with no work on their part. You can then monetize the first sale to gain access to your website building, SEO and hosting services. You can even offer them free access to these services, which you then monetize using ads and affiliate offers.

They’d be RUNNING to Give You Their Money. You can also use the domain for free for a lifetime and cancel your subscriptions at any time (only pay the low registration fee, no commission to any of the major names). You can also set up access accounts free of charge for your family and friends. Are you feeling stuck? We’ll show you the biggest online business on the planet. Imagine setting up your own domain registration platform, getting paid each time someone registers a domain or browses your shop. This could all be done in minutes thanks to ProfitDomain, a revolutionary new app.

You can create your own domain registration and selling service for yourself or clients in just 3 easy steps:

  • STEP 1: Login to ProfitDomain and Start Your Own Domain Shop. You don’t need to set up or configure anything – hosting and millions of domains are included. Just add your payment details and you can start collecting checks!
  • STEP 2: Get paid every time someone registers a domain and get the lowest prices for yourself. The system handles all sales automatically. You only have to pay the registration fee and no other companies will take a cut!
  • STEP 3: Increase ProfitDomain Shop’s Monetization With Ads, Upsells, and Affiliate Products. Fully automated!

Most likely, you already have domain names. I know that I have more than 50. Namecheap or GoDaddy can be a hassle. There are endless upsells and you pay 3-4x to renew them one year later. There are more than 350 million people like you. Yes, there are 350M+ domain subscriptions that renew each year. It’s a massive market, it’s mind-boggling.

Imagine being able to cancel domain subscriptions for life and also to start selling domains at rock bottom prices – far lower than Namecheap or GoDaddy. You can do it all with this new software. It is easy to set up and drag-and-drop. It is AI-based, so you only need to configure it once. Publishing is as easy as one click. It’s that simple. Hurry, the one-time fee will not be available for the next few hours! Grab It Now.

9.6Expert Score

ProfitDomain lets YOU create your very own domain registrar platform, and start selling as many domains as you could dream of. It’s all automated – you get your own platform set up for you, and customers can purchase from there… you can set ANY prices you want to. When you get an order, the system automatically registers the domain, pays the rock-bottom registration fee, then sends you the difference. You can further monetize your domain shop with banner ads, affiliate offers or by selling your own services like hosting, SEO, etc. (and of course you can use it for yourself free of charge too!)

Easy To Use


  • You can start your own domain registrar service with built-in shop
  • Automate Millions of Domains from Every TLD (.Com.Net.Org., etc.)
  • You can sell domains to others and get paid for each sale
  • ProfitDomain automatically registers the domain and pays you.
  • Register domain names for yourself and only pay the Rock-Bottom registration fee
  • You can make more money with ads, upsell offers, affiliate products or services
  • Real traffic built-in, no need to get any traffic your own
  • Blazing Fast Hosting Included: Your Domain Shop Has 99.9% GUARANTEED Uptime
  • SSL encryption included free
  • Other Domain Companies Will Pay You To Help Crush Namecheap & GoDaddy
  • You can fight inflation by canceling your existing domain subscriptions
  • Help others fight inflation by selling their domains at a lower price than the competition
  • ProfitDomain is 100% Newbie Friendly
  • You don’t need any technical skills or experience.
  • There are no monthly fees


  • Automate millions of domains with every TLD (, etc.).
  • Sell real domains to get paid for each sale
  • Register domain names yourself, and pay only the low registration fee
  • You can make more money with upsells, affiliate products, and other services.
  • Traffic built in, you don’t need to generate any traffic.
  • Hosting is lightning fast: Your domain shop has 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • SSL encryption available for free
  • ProfitDomain is a Cloud-Based, Fully-Fledged GoDaddy Killer!
  • Sell Domains to Other People
  • Your Domain Shop is Fully Automated (No Need to Work for You!)
  • THOUSANDS Of TLDs (.com , .net , .org etc!)
  • Get access to your OWN affiliate domain system!
  • You Only Have to Pay a Registration Fee!
  • You can make more money with ads or additional upsell offers!
  • Unlimited Traffic Included!
  • Blazing Fast Server Ensure YOUR Shop Has A 99% Uptime!
  • Pay once only…NO monthly fees!
  • High Quality Video Tutorials and More Included!
  • Ideal for Affiliates, eCom Sellers and Offline…Everyone
  • You can offer this amazing service to clients with full commercial rights!

ProfitDomain Video

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